The Mark Inside

Our rehearsal space is staring at you....

This is the Google street view of our Jam rehearsal space. Our room is the one with the two eyes staring at you. Geoff and I taped those on once upon a time thinking we were quite clever to do so. 

Our building is directly across the street from an elementary school. I hope we didn’t ruin to many children’s brain’s while they finger painted or did their arithmetic and had a building angrily judging them through their respective windows.

For anyone who did psychedelics and walked by, we are sorry for how this must have struck you. 

Our windows were eventually boarded up, but when Google rolled by this was still up. Posterity photo for the world to see.

Click the title to see what I’m talking about… if you dare…

Our first post, a youtube clip of the first song from our False Flag EP. Crank it! Put your hands up if you can feel it!